my dog                                   


Riley is now 5 years old!


Hi it's me, Esme. This year, my dog Riley is 4 years old in human years and 28 years old in dog years. This year he is going to turn 5 years old in human and 35 years old in dog year. He likes to sleep on his bed,his bed is red in colour and has black colour crosses.He also knows how to do tricks like sit,down,paw and jump. 



This is my dog Riley, he is three years old in human years ! His birthday is on first of October 2020.   In dog years he is twenty-one. He  is a Singapore Special! He has brown fur, big eyes, black nose , and big pink tongue to lick  people. He also likes to eat dog food, rice, treats and other food. He is very cute and I love him!! He's the best dog. We adopted him at a place called causes for animals, first we had him to  for 2 weeks to see if he's ok with us. After that, he could stay with us.

By Esme