all about me        


Hi! I am Esme.I am an artist from sunny Singapore. I am now seven years old, I go to NYPS, and this year is 2020!! I love to eat mcdonald's, steak and french fries .I also like animals. I also have a brother called Noah. He goes to ACSP, he is 10 years old. I also have a soft toy called Totoro. I have a white Totoro, a blue Totoro and a grey Totoro. They were made at the Ghibli museum, Mitaka. l also like to do origami. I learnt how to do a lotus , a frog and many other things.

This is the blue Totoro! 


Hi, it's me again, Esme, this year I am 8 years old .I recently learnt  how to make a origami hydrandra.I also have many other hobbies like doing jigsaw puzzles, playing the ukulele, playing minecraft,  baking, drawing and also skiing. My favourite  hobby is skiing I can do most of the slopes, But now because of covid I can't go skiing. That's why I do jigsaws and baking. I like baking cookies, muffins and cupcakes.


Hi,this year I have learnt many new origami.Like the butterfly bookmark,flower bookmark and the leaf bookmark.I've also been rockclimbing.I'm very excited this year because is been two years since my family and I went on a holiday!My favourite holiday is christmas and mid autumn festival.